Week Seven: Crash and Burn!

Week Seven Start Date: Feb. 22, 2016

Holy Moly, did I hit a wall this week. I was doing fine at the beginning of the week. Well, not really. I was exhausted, I was sore, I was cranky and to top it all off I had my apples taken away. That might sound like a minor thing, but it was really the only crunchy, sweet thing left in my diet. The only thing linking me to some sort of variety in my diet and the only thing left that crunched when I ate it. Most importantly, it was not a RICE CAKE!

I work evenings, usually getting home between 11 and 12 midnight. Most of the time I go to bed around 1 am. I'm at the gym by 8:30 in the morning and have been working out at least an hour and a half, sometimes two, a day. I run on about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. Definitely not enough for all the physical activity I do. Thursday nights we have a boot camp for our team. Most of the time, I'll take the hour cardio class before it that way I'm nice and warmed up. This Thursday night was the first time the thought of "I can't do this" popped into my head.

To be honest, it shocked me a bit. I had had difficult days, but I had never thought about quitting. That "I can't do this" thought was quickly followed by "I want to quit"

Wait...what? I'm not a quitter! I always push through! Every fiber in my body wanted to be done. I wanted to go to bed for at least several weeks and never see the inside of a gym again.

Our head coach has been asked to be a judge for competitions this season so she was just returning from a weekend of training. Great for all of us because she had some new insight into what they were looking for this season and how they'd be judging us. On Friday night she held a meeting with all of us to go over what she had learned. I was still on the fence about doing this when the dreaded words "Bikini girls, they are looking for more muscle on you this year", came out of her mouth. My biggest concern during this whole process was that I wouldn't have enough time to gain the muscle I needed. Of all the newbies, I was the oldest (by at least a decade) and by far the weakest when I started. I understood that I was starting out in a pretty deep hole, but thought that by doing bikini I could get away with a little less muscle. Wrong! Cue the first round of tears.

We then started a discussion of how we were all feeling. Tired, hungry, sore, all those things were mentioned. The discussion of fatigue really changed the game for me. We discussed the difference between being exhausted but still having the energy to get yourself to the gym and being so exhausted that you can't get yourself out of bed in the morning. I was definitely in the latter category. She told us that if we were in that latter category not to panic, we were probably in need of a re-feed and once we did that we would be fine.

A re-feed is when you take a rest day, eat a lot more carbs, (basically whatever you feel your body needs) and let your body get its balance back. It took three days of rest, and three or four days of eating for me to get back on my feet.

I'm so glad we had that conversation that night. It kept me from quitting, which might have felt great at the time, but would have felt really crummy in the long run.

Is there a time, or an event, in your life that you wanted to quit? Have you pushed yourself beyond where you thought you could go? Tell me your story in the comments!

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