Week Three: Getting in the flow

Week Three Start Date: January 25, 2016

My new life of working out and clean eating is starting to become a little more normal. What is it they say about 21 days creating a habit? Sure seems to be proving true. I can see the difference in my body and I feel like the fuel I'm feeding my body is creating the well oiled machine it is supposed to be.

Funny how easy is it is to get away from the fact that food is actually meant for fueling our bodes, not soley for the enjoyment of its consumption! There is definitely a balance that can be struck here. While I'm training, my diet has been thrown to the other side of the scale - all fuel, not as much enjoyment. However, I can see myself embracing the 80/20 principle once the competition is over. Eighty percent clean, healthy eating and 20 percent "what the hell, why not?!" eating - and drinking. Yes I will be adding wine back into my life!!! I think I'll probably save it for nights out and keep the evening cup of chammomile tea at home.

As for the working out part, I'm loving it!! I've had to really listen to my body and take a day off during the week a couple of times. Overall I'm working out about 10 hours a week. I miss it on my days off, but usually feel especially strong and energized the day after so I know it was the right thing to rest a day. Also, my job as a bartender is very physical so sometimes an old chick just needs to sit her ass down and take a breath! Even though I think I'm 25, my body loves to remind me that I'm not. Hate that, sure wish it would get on the erternally 25 program that my brain seems to like!

How do you look at the role of food and exercise in your life? What about balance in your life? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

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